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While You Were Out

Posted on: April 12, 2010

Good times continue apace at the Jones house even in the absence of Mama, thank God. This is the Bambina at her first soccer practice, which she LOVED.

And then there’s Baby Sister chatting on her Blackberry.

Although, when I say “good times” I am of course not referring to poor Dada, who is on the hook for the whole shebang. My mom flew up to help, and his parents are helping too, but when you have a 17 month-old who will essentially go to no one but yourself, you’re kind of trapped. So the Dada will have major hand in our relationship for the next few months simply because of his valor above and beyond all expectations in this time of crisis. Please remind me of this when I whine that he’s been playing soccer ALL DAY…waaaaaah.

The family visits every day, which really makes me very happy. Obviously I was having all kinds of concerns that Baby Sister would forget me or cease to recognize and accept me. Especially after the first visit where she would not come to me or interact with me, I was really worrying about the effects of my absence on our bonding process. I said as much to the Dada the next day, even as Baby Sister was back to loving me and letting me hold her. He very gently mentioned that perhaps BabySis did not go to me the day before because, “You really didn’t look like yourself.” Apparently the 5 liters of fluid on my face and the oxygen mask gave me more of a ghoulish appearance than perhaps a new mother would be going for:

In any case, when I get home (which I hope to be happening any day now), I am going to make the Dada a nice dinner and tell him to put his feet up. This of course means that I will be calling Nick’s Pizza Delivery and that I will go answer the door. 🙂


2 Responses to "While You Were Out"

Oh I’m so glad you are still here on the internets! I hope you are super well soon so you can get home with those girls!

Esther– I am so glad you are fine and writing about it!! Congratulations on your beautiful new daughter– what a wonderful family. Please keep writing, it’s fantastic!!

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