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Posted on: April 28, 2010

Poor Bambina couldn’t sleep tonight. I could tell she was struggling, but she was being such a great kid, finding stuff to do, to read, to draw that I was really proud of her. Finally, however, at 10:20pm, I figured it was time to help her out. So I went up to bed and had her come cuddle with me. She said she wanted to “talk about love.”
“I love you, Mama.”
“I love you too, Bambina. In fact, every single day I wake up in the morning I think, “oh wow! I love Bambina more than I did yesterday!”

{Big smile and a giggle} “Every every day?!!”

“Every single day. And it’s weird, because every night I think ‘I can’t possibly love Bambina more than I do right now because I love her as much as anyone can ever love anyone!’ But then–every single morning–Who Knew?!–I love you more!”

“What if you ever love someone less? Do you ever not love me?”

“Oh, it’s absolutely impossible for a Mama to ever love her girl less. Can’t
happen. And just so you know, I loved you even when I didn’t yet know who you were, even when you were in your Chinese mother’s tummy and i was wondering if you were born yet. I loved you all the way back from when Dada and i wrote to China asking if we could be the parents of a baby girl. As long as there has been the thought of you, I have loved you.””

“So do you love Baby Sister more every day too?”
{Aha! Now we finally get to the real issue that has been brewing for 6 weeks now…}

“Yes I do. But you know what’s so cool about love? You can’t ever take it away. You know how 4+2=6 is addition and 4-2=2 is subtraction? Well, there is no subtraction in love. Only addition. If we had 100 kids, I would love you all more every day–AND–I’d love you the same amount as I do right now. More kids wouldn’t mean less love because there can never be less love with a Mama and her girls, only more love every day.”

“Always more love? Even when you’re 40? Or 90?”

“Always more love. Even when I’m {gasp!} 40. And 90. Gigi still loves Gram, right? AND she loves all of us as well! So many people for her to love–at 90!–and nobody gets loved any less.”

{And then to the second biggest issue brewing:}

“What if you love somebody but don’t always like them? Because I love Baby Sister but I sometimes think that if this was ‘like’ [She makes a 6-inch space between her hands], Baby Sister and me would be about here {she points to the midway point between her hands}. Not because she’s bad but because I’ve just known other people longer and I like them more. But maybe every day I’ll like her more when I get to know her better.”

“Of course you will, my love. We’ve only been home a month and we’re just getting to know each other. And by the way, its okay to love someone but not always feel like you like them or what they do. But you’ll like each other more every day, and when you’re older you’ll be so glad you have each other.”

“Okay. But just so you know, some days I may like her less.”

“Fair enough, my love, fair enough.”

And with that, she fell instantly asleep


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ok, that story NEEDS to be put into a published children’s book. Absolutely beautiful, on so many different levels for ALL children. Do you have connections?

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