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Nasty Mom of the Week

Posted on: May 11, 2010

For those of you not familiar with Facebook, there is an option to “become a fan” of a company. In doing so, you become eligible for exclusive discounts and special deals. With Baby Sister joining us, I fanned Babies R Us to get the deals, with the intention of un-fanning (de-fanning?) when I no longer needed them. Well, to hell with that plan, friends, because I am addicted to reading the nasty comments left on the BRU page by evil mommies.

One of the page’s features is Baby of the Week, in which fans are invited to submit a pic of their babies to be voted on by friends and family. Every week, without fail, a baby wins and the onslaught of bad sportsmanship begins, generally with a statement from “Theresa L of New Jersey” or “Marnie S from Utah” about how weird the winning baby looks and how she submits every week and her baby never wins so this up in here is a scam.

At first I was horrified, but then my horror softened to disgust, and then my disgust became amusement. There is something truly entertaining–although disturbing–about seeing a pack of mommies devolve into Lord of the Flies online behavior. I wonder what the dads think, and I also wonder whether these mothers ever consider that they are MOTHERS on a site about mothering acting like they’re on a Rock of Love reunion show: “Oh yeah?! Well you are a b*tch!” “I’m a b&tch?! You’re an ugly slut!”

It’s nasty and wrong and indicative of the ongoing American cultural slide into incivility, but I can’t stop reading it, if for no other reason than I hope it’s preserved for posterity so the kids can someday see who their mothers really are. Or better yet, let’s hope the moms re-read their posts, see who they really are, and make a change before their kids find out.


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