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Toddler Tsunami

Posted on: May 19, 2010

My dad always said, “Do NOT have kids unless and until you are okay with everything important to you being broken, lost or destroyed.” As usual I was like, “Yeah, whatever old man.” And as usual, he was right. I’ll spare you the details of my yesterday afternoon, but suffice to say that I had to google search, “How to get poop smell out of microfiber couch.”

A good friend sent me this site to make me feel better, and it is HILARIOUS.


1 Response to "Toddler Tsunami"

Hey… in case you didn’t run across it in your Googling, Nature’s Miracle, a natural, enzymatic cleaner for pet odors and stains, is GREAT for poop and other, uh, stuff that comes out of our beautiful, sweet children.

You can buy it at pet stores, or online. We keep gallons of it around. It once saved us from having to junk a car after THREE FULL BOTTLES of formula leaked into the back seat. Poured a gallon of the stuff into the seat, figuring we had nothing to lose, and never smelled a thing. Owned the car for another five years.

Or, you could just fill yourself with vodka. That also takes away bad smells…


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