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Posted on: June 1, 2010

Baby Sister is definitely a toddler. I say this because the Terrible Twos have begun a few months early. Dada and I are all about the 80/20 rule: Whenever your kid is being beastly that 20% of the time, try really hard to focus on the stuff they do so right and so sweetly and so independently the other 80% of the time. Please believe that I am getting much practice these days with BOTH kids, but this past week especially with Baby Sister who fancies herself, you know, in charge of things around here and not entirely in need of my motherly services.

We spent a night last week in the ER after Baby Sister, who usually listens and obeys, ignored my “stop!” and my “Wait!” and decided that today was the day to go down the stairs herself. I mean, this child looked at me–LOOKED AT ME–gave me the finger with her eyes, and stepped off into the abyss. Twelve stairs and a call to our doctor later, we took her to the ER for a check. Thank god she was totally fine, but hello! That is straight up Toddler Insubordination, yo!

In the interests of time I’ll skip over the part where she sat down IN TRAFFIC in a CVS parking lot because she didn’t feel ready to leave yet. I’ll skip the part where she she would not budge until I put on the exact pair of shoes she wanted rather than the ones that were more weather appropriate. Instead, I’ll go right to today where she absolutely refused to wear clothing for her father’s birthday cookout. I mean, screaming, flailing, on the floor waving her little arms and feet in vociferous protest at even a diaper. So we did what any rational parents would do: we reasoned her down to a diaper and sneakers.

I tell you we were one old washing machine and a living room couch on the porch away from being total bona fide rednecks.

Please Enjoy:


2 Responses to "Pic of the Week"

I just saw this online. Next time, put her in these:


Classy! Daisy Dukes for the chill’ren!

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