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Adventures in Babysitting

Posted on: June 11, 2010

So I’m searching for a babysitter. I have so many random appointments over the summer for my photopheresis, my back therapy (which I like to call “rehab” because it sounds more rock-and-roll than “therapy”), and random follow-ups from my spectacularly dramatic bout of pneumococcal sepsis, that it’s now approaching flagrant advantage-taking to rely on family, lovely and generous though they may be.

So how does one choose a stranger to watch one’s children? If you can believe it, we have never done this before. We’ve had babysitters but we’ve always had them recommended by friends who used them first and did all the reference-checking and related due diligence, so we just met them, liked them, Bambina liked them, and we said, “You’re hired!”

So I joined and got an excellent response. I have a couple lined up for meetings, chats, etc, and damn if I don’t know what to do once we meet up. Beyond that, the hardest part, however, was figuring out who I wanted to meet with in the first place, based on an email. Some I knew right away were wrong, like, “Hi, I work till 3 every day but can help you after that.” Delete. Or “Dear Ms. Mama I am a sophmor at X College and have refferunces if you reqwire thum.” Delete. Those are easypeasy. Also easy were the ones who sounded so much like a full-time nanny that I knew they’d be bitterly disappointed in my paltry 7-12 hours per week offering. Like, please do not touch my laundry or make me dinner. Seriously. I just need you to take my kid to the playground, make sure she doesn’t spontaneously combust, and see to it that she ingests a few calories while I’m gone, okay? I don’t need Alice from the Brady Bunch or any other Ubersitter/cleaner/cook like that. I am more than capable of heating up a Hot Pocket for my toddler myself. (I keeeed! I would never feed her a Hot Pocket. After all, she prefers Dinty Moore right outta the can.)

So the chats begin over the weekend, and hopefully we’ll have someone ready to go shortly, assuming I figure out how to weed out the weirdos and weiners from the winners.


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