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Baby Sister’s Baby Sitter

Posted on: June 15, 2010

The babysitter has been hired! And I’m just gonna say it: she’s really pretty. I know it’s kind of a rule that the wife is supposed to hire an ugly babysitter, but this woman was great from minute one. She immediately started chatting with Bambina, asking her about school. She also handled Baby Sister beautifully, engaging her but not getting all up in her face. Bambina especially loved her, and I’m going to tell you why: “Mama, I think she looks a lot like me, don’t you?” Yes, my love, I do. And what will I not tell you until you are older, my sweet daughter? I did that on purpose. I absolutely (and you can call me a discriminator if you want to) made a point of interviewing women who were not white. Everywhere my kids look they are surrounded by white people; I decided that when they looked at their babysitter, they’d see someone who wasn’t. Think of that what you will, but as you can tell from my daughter’s comment: it matters. It didn’t hurt that my newly ear-pierced daughter (with the emerald birthstone earrings) noticed that Babysitter was wearing a similar pair, and we found out she shares the same birth month as Bambina–and same birthday as the Dada. Bambina felt like that was kismet (even though Babysitter will mostly be watching Baby Sister while Bambina is at day camp).

Anyway, she’s a college student, smart, competent, and I felt very comfortable with her. I also knew she was going to be The One when I had to mention the dreaded truth that Bambina and Baby Sister love to get naked and “booty shake” dance after dinner and before bed. I said, “So, just to let you know, there is a bit of nakedness that goes on here, so hopefully that’s not too alarming…” She was not flustered in the least, and that was that: you’re hired. I feel good about it so far, and felt even better when Bambina asked when Babysitter would be watching her as well as Baby Sister. That’s a good sign from a kid who, because of the way she would cling to my leg 24 hours a day, at one time was lovingly called “Velcro Girl.”


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