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Posted on: June 25, 2010

A few things, none of which have deserved their own post:

A. BostonMed. Oh, what a show. It’s a documentary on ABC, revolving around Brigham & Women’s, Children’s Hospital and Mass General. So good. Not a fake reality show at all. This week was about two lung transplant recipients and a Framingham police officer who was shot in the face. Really compelling, really something to see.

B. South Beach Diet. I’ve been on it a week and have lost 4 pounds. Let’s be honest: I won’t be getting bikini ready while I’m still on prednisone, but let me tell you that having your Fat Pants not feel tight is a very liberating feeling. Nothing worse than buying fattie clothes and then having THEM not fit. That is the living, breathing definition of despair. I was fully in that George Costanza territory, where he declares that wearing sweatpants out of your house in public is a sign that you’ve given up on life. I was This Close to buying a wardrobe full of sweatpants, is all I’m sayin’.

C. Modesty. I was in the bike shop today picking up the Dada’s bike wheel when a cyclist came in wearing some weird, indecent type of bike shorts. Now, you may wonder why I’m being redundant by using “indecent” and “bike shorts” in the same sentence. Well, because these shorts where THAT indecent. They not only had full penis outline going on, but they had a codpiece-type addition that seemed designed to feature said penis while holding They Boys in check. They were, in short, absolutely disgusting. I rarely if ever think, “Wow, that’s too much penis” but today was the day, friends. It was all wrong in time, place and manner. The only way I can describe it is to say that it is a cross between this (Hugh Laurie’s codpiece in Blackadder) and this (the former Vice President showing his loose morals):

D. Cool Things. Today there was a huge storm in our area. The girls and I were on the deck waiting for the rain to come, and come it did in sudden, giant, fat blobs. We stayed out in the rain until the lightning came and I shuffled everyone inside. From the window we watched the storm blow through–and we watched this appear between our trees:

We have lots of cool things in our garden, like bunny rabbits and the occasional deer and whatnot, but a rainbow? It’s hard to not feel special and cool when a rainbow materializes right in front of you, right in your own back yard.

And with that, I bid you a Top O’ The Mornin’!


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And look at that deck (or the top of the railings)…..

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