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Not Waving But Drowning

Posted on: July 8, 2010

I was forwarded this link by a friend on Facebook, and it has completely blown me away. Apparently, drowning does not look like drowning on TV. So if you have kids who love the water, read this article NOW.

2 Responses to "Not Waving But Drowning"

Thanks, Mama, for posting this.

In lifeguard training you learn to look at the eyes. And having rescued two kids in my short tenure on the waterfront of a summer camp, and I can tell you this: You will never mistake — or forget — the panic in the eyes of someone who’s drowning.


I’ve been seeing this around. I came close as a kid in the big wave pool. Primitive brain takes over and I was coming up out of the water but not getting air. Took the lifeguard a minute to realize what was happening.

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