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Putting the Cart Before the Worse

Posted on: July 8, 2010

I was in the Trader Joe’s today, minding my own business, when I became aware of a mother in front of me talking to her toddlerish son in the cart. It was an extremely annoying singsongy voice that carried above all other voices in the store. More annoying was the content of that ghastly singsong: essentially, a total lack of parenting. The kid was out of control, grabbing things off the shelves, throwing them, standing up in the seat of the cart, you name it, we’ve all been there and suffered through one of these episodes with a kid. So no judgment there on the fact of the toddler being a toddler. I myself had my cherub sit down in traffic at the CVS parking lot to the horrified stares of onlookers, so I know from total humiliation at the hands of a punkass kid. But this mom just kept saying, “Now we can’t shop can we if you stand up/throw things/bla blah blah” all like she’s an flight attendant saying “buy-bye!” at the end of a flight. “Jeremy, don’t do that! Buh-bye!” Totally unbearable.

But it gets worse. As she tries to restrain him from stepping out of the cart, she picks him up and says the following, which no lie made me gag a little in my mouth: “Oh my, your diaper is a little bit wet! I guess that’s what happens when we use all natural cloth!” Now, she did not mean “wet” as in the kid’s ass was moist from his pee. She meant “wet” as in this CART is wet from his pee. So–she simply takes him out of the wet seat and puts him IN THE CART! So there is little dripping boy, being talked to like he’s a passenger on Delta, totally tearing up the Trader Joes regardless.

And there is me, pushng my shopping cart with my food in it, wondering when the last urinating child hung out in it, perhaps right where my salmon is sitting? And then I’m wondering should I say something to this lady–who obviously takes great pride in her no-conflict parenting style and her organic 100% whatever diapers and her totally eco-conscious worldview ethos–and maybe point out that it’s not extremely neighborly to allow your kid to urinate all over a shopping cart? I mean, is that considered okay? Is she part of that lamentable ‘urine is sterile” movement that forgets that its only sterile until it comes out? But what do I know? I wasn’t getting cloth diapers and 100% ecocotton tampons while essentially singing to my kid while she tore up the store. I was there buying cheezy poofs.


3 Responses to "Putting the Cart Before the Worse"

I must say…YUCK. You have now made me dread grocery shopping even more! I will never look at a shopping cart again without thinking of that little boy. Arg.
Aunt PJ

EW! Stop it! I was there today too, and now I am totally scared of the cart I used. ACK!

Gross! Who does that? Ewww….
What is wrong with people?
I’ll be using the sanitizing wipes at the front of the store to wipe down the entire basket now. I don’t wanted pee-pee laced bananas!

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