La La How The Life Goes On


Posted on: July 30, 2010

It’s unbelievable how long it’s been since I’ve written anything here.

It’s unbelievable how a toddler can suck up so much of your “me” time by refusing to nap in her crib.

It’s unbelievable how fast the dishes and laundry pile up when you don’t get a chance to do them during nap time.

It’s unbelievable how physically and mentally tired you can be at the end of a day where you, the parent, have had no downtime because your toddler won’t nap. Nothing like 13 straight hours with a (now cranky because she hasn’t slept) 20 month old to make you appreciate the simple act of sitting in a chair and doing…nothing.

It’s unbelievable how much two kids can bicker over something like play-doh. “I was playing with the pink! She took the pink! That’s MY pink!” Cue the crying, the pushing, the drama. Cue me threatening to throw out every last atom of play-doh in the entire effing WORLD if I hear one more unhappy sound about it.

It’s unbelievable how quickly a woman can turn into The Repo Man after listening to high-pitched arguing for days on end: “If I hear one more unhappy sound about the new crawling tunnel, I will take it back to the store!” “If you two fight every time you get on that couch, the couch will be off-limits!” I mean, really. The couch off limits? But we’re getting there. Entire toys, equipment and yes, furniture, are being shut down, turned off and put away, simply because I am tired of being a referee for stupid fights.

It’s unbelievable how kids interact with each other. Love/hate. Like/dislike. Generosity/selfishness. Kindness/meanness. Bambina is alternately so sweet and so unpleasant to Baby Sister that it makes my head spin. Baby Sister is alternately so cute and so opportunistically annoying toward her big sister. She knows what pushes Bambina’s buttons and then does it and smiles. She may be young but she is a badass, and I’m going to have to keep my eyes on her to channel that badassitude toward good and not evil.

Which brings us to my last point:

It’s unbelievable how much work two kids are. It’s not double one kid. It’s not the same as one kid but just doing it twice. Nope. It’s a whole other level of vigilance, effort, thought, and physicality. To be fair, it’s also a whole other level of fun and happiness too. But that’s not what this post is about. šŸ™‚


4 Responses to "Unbelievable"

Ah, yes, the joy of sibling interaction. But take heart, Mama, it will surely get ……………… worse.

I’ve missed your posts! And I’d like to take this opportunity to repeat a quote from my pediatrician back in 1991, when I was expecting Sam: “One is fun – two is TEN!” It never makes sense – until you have two (or more).

Aahhh, welcome to my world sista friend! I too have the same fights over toys, the couch, etc… I feel ur pain! The day my baby monster was born my Dr. said “now you’re real parents! Anyone can do one, it’s when you take on 2 or more is when you see what you’re made of”
I’ve missed ur posts, keep ur chin up! In ways it gets better & worse!!!

I just stumbled onto this blog and you my fried are a riot. It’s been a crappy day and you’ve brought a smile to my face and made me reflect on all the stupid crap that I’ve lived through and how hilarious it is through the lens of time.

Hope I can pass this good feeling on to someone else today.

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