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Snow Big Deal

Posted on: January 10, 2011

It’s two days till Baby Sister’s surgery, and of course, this being New England,we’re waiting for a foot of snow to fall on The Day.  Awesome!  So we will now be spending Tuesday night at the hotel across the street from the hospital so we don’t have to sherpa ourselves through the white stuff with all of our accoutrements at 6am.  Because please believe that the one thing we’re not doing is missing this surgery.  It’s a big deal and it’s quote-unquote scary, but it is Baby Sister’s ticket to better health and a normal life that includes soccer and running and any other physical thing she wants to do.  Although, as you can tell from previous posts, I’m kind of afraid to have her at full capacity because she is so cra-zazy and high-energy right now; you would never know there is a single thing wrong with her.  I shudder to imagine how many kinds of exhausted I’m going to be when she’s at full cardiac power.  Pray for me.  😉

So there it is.  Tomorrow is all the pre-op stuff to make sure she’s ready for the surgery.  Tomorrow night is the hotel with Bambina as well, obviously.  Then Wednesday is Snowy Surgery.   More updates as we get them, and maybe a few pics too, just for fun.  🙂

Oh–and just for the record: Baby Sister has had a runny, boogery nose since March 2010, which has caused me no end of worry.  In prep for the surgery we’ve kept her out of preschool for the past 10 days.  Result:   nary a boog to be seen.  Mystery of the chronic illness solved: it wasn’t one chronic illness, it was more likely 15 successive viral infections from all the other nasty booger-sharers like her.  How those preschool teachers don’t end up with pleurisy or dengue fever, I do not know.  I look forward to the Green Monster’s return when she’s back among the cute little disease vectors in February.

Oh–and one more thing, totally unrelated to the above.  Please do be sure to not say, “Pain in the butt” around your 6 year old, because she will be COMPLETELY UNABLE to say, sing and chant anything but, “Mama said butt!” for about 3-4 hours afterward.  Which is, of course, a major pain in the butt.


2 Responses to "Snow Big Deal"

Good thoughts being sent to Baby Sister. We’re all looking forward to many wonderful stories in 2011, about your “cra-zaziness”.

sending lots of positive thoughts your way and to Baby Sister-here’s to everything being routine!

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