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Unnecessary Roughness

Posted on: March 30, 2011

A quick but necessary post:

Bill Maher has recently said that he’s sorry if anyone was offended, but he wasn’t wrong regarding his calling Sarah Palin “a cunt” and a “twat” earlier this week.

Two things:

1.  I’m not going to write “the C word” because then people over the age of 75 (and my mum) will not know to which word I’m referring; and because I’m not sure being called a twat is any nicer than being labeled a cunt.

2.  I think Bill  Maher is often funny and often on-point.  As a good friend JamesJ said, “Maher’s an asshole, but he’ s my kind of asshole.”

3.  I think, however, that no one’s interests are served, politically or socially, by the use of these terms for any reason.

4. Except to say that if Todd Palin weren’t such a pussy, he’d be in Los Angeles kicking Maher’s teeth in as we speak.

*NB: No alcohol or mind-altering substances were used in the writing of this post that does, I admit, appear to defend Sarah Palin.


2 Responses to "Unnecessary Roughness"

I like the word “twat.” It’s just fun to say and it’s satisfying to refer to someone as such.

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