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In Other Words

Posted on: April 29, 2011

So I hit the “info” button on my remote while Bambina and BabySister are watching an old episode of Diego (Dora’s cousin, for those of you without children and any knowledge of animated children’s educational programming). Parents will love what it read: “A young adventurer overcomes a series of challenging obstacles while returning animals to their homes in the wild.” Um, yeah. I suppose that’s what the show would be about IF IT WEREN’T JUST A KIDS’ CARTOON. I could not stop laughing! I mean, yes, it’s educational. The kids learn the word for “hop” in Spanish and perhaps do a counting game while outwitting The Bobo Brothers, those kooky monkeys that are always complicating our young adventurer’s life, but I don’t know that I would characterize fictional Diego’s work as, say, “herculean efforts to return animals to their appropriate ecosystems.”

I guess it’s all how you spin it.

Back in college our president introduced austerity measures under the name “growth by substitution.”. Well, clearly that meant “no more raises for faculty and staff–and say goodbye to the campus coffee shop.”. But what did we know? We were growing! By substituting! Sounds like a great plan! We’re on board!

And just the other day I hoodwinked some unsuspecting young folk (a lovely young couple) into totally having kids because “there’s nothing like it in the world.” It’s true, of course. But what I didn’t add as the corollary was, “because you have not lived until you’ve been vomited and diarrhea’d upon by a child who is the reason you’ve had four hours of sleep in three days.” No indeed, there’s nothing like it in the world.

Speaking of large quantities of shit, we now come to Donald Trump. A man who has participated in perhaps the most racially-coded public spectacle I’ve had the displeasure to witness–and who is outraged–OUTRAGED!!–that people are calling him racist. Especially, as he said in an interview, he’s “always had a great relationship with The Blacks.” Well, he apparently doesn’t play well with the half-Blacks and the sorta-Browns, because he needs to see their papers in order to consider them legitimate American citizens eligible to hold office. Can someone please tell Mr. Trump that not knowing you are an asshole is not proof that you are not, in fact, an asshole. Same with being racist. Just because you do not think your comments are racist does not magically make them not racist. Trump is stirring up racism, pure and simple. You can call it “commonsense” or “protecting democracy” or whatever you want to, but no other president in history has ever had to produce TWO forms of a birth certificate, only to then be called out for not producing his college transcripts. I mean, how complicit in this racism are we that we are allowing this to happen? It is unforgivable, and it is un-American. You can detest every one of his policies. You can work to defeat his proposals and his candidacy. But you cannot, as a patriotic American worthy of the name, attempt to delegitimize him and his right to The Office, on the basis of what you perceive as his “otherness” from what makes you comfortable. It’s wrong it’s wrong it’s wrong, however you–and Trump–want to spin it.


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OMG with the Trump. Gasbag. Douche-cushion. RACIST jackhole.

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