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Osama bin Gotten

Posted on: May 3, 2011

Bad mommy alert. When Bambina and I discussed the killing of OBL today (he was a bad man who killed lots of people and was always trying to kill more), she asked if it was good that he was killed. Oh, you know what I said: Yes, yes it is. I mean, we didn’t break out the bubbly juice boxes and get giddy on Mike&Ikes, but I definitely was comfortable teaching her (in appropriate terminology) that some dogs need to be put down for the protection of our society as a whole. I failed to clear my messaging with the Babydaddy beforehand, so it remains to be seen if I’ll have to “extend and clarify” my remarks before my policy statement on the killing of evil people can be nailed down as official. But for now, I am solidly on the side of killing mass murderers in the eyes of my kid. Let’s see how this plays out.

What is playing out on the national scene is a little bit of a disgrace. Let’s work it through logically, and let’s pretend the grown ups are in charge, okay?

If President Obama is to receive no credit for this event, then let us also agree that the capture of Saddam Hussein was devoid of George W Bush’s involvement as well. Let us stop saying that Bush kept us safe in the years following 9/11 because by your argument, the Commander in Chief has nothing to do with that and deserves no credit for national security successes. If it’s “only the troops should get credit because it’s not like Obama pulled the trigger” can we then blame those troops if that mission is a colossal failure with massive American casualties? No? Okay. So then leadership IS important? Accountability is important? Because if it’s not, why did we even care about OBL to begin with? It’s not like he flew any planes or pulled any triggers himself either.

We care because he was the leader directing the operations. He was accountable for his directives. As is the American president. Listen, I’m no cheerleader for Nixon, but it makes no sense logically or intellectually to pretend he did NOTHING right. Same with W. I’m not and never will be a fan. But he deserves credit for funding NIH and, yes, for capturing Saddam Hussein. So why is it impossible seemingly to get the same level of basic respect for The Office Of The President from the Right when it is held by Barack Obama? The man did it. Instead of instantly drinking some more haterade, how about spending the time feeling something for the families of OBL’s victims, feeling gratitude for the brave soldiers who did the scary work on the ground, and feeling some pride for the fact that we live in a country where all of these disparate people, bureaus, elements and viewpoints can come together to make something this momentous happen. Because otherwise–and I’m serious–the terrorists win.


2 Responses to "Osama bin Gotten"

I need to see the long form body before I decide.


Here, here! Could not have said it better myself!

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