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That’s Mrs. DR. Jones To You.

Posted on: May 20, 2011

Did I mention that my husband has a PhD? Because he does. That’s a doctorate, for those of you without the knowledge, skills and abilities of a PhD. My husband has one, in case I neglected to mention that very relevant fact. And by “one” I mean a PhD. Which means he is perhaps smarter and certainly more credible than you. So you know, if you are mounting some kind of effort that requires signatures, you need to be sure that those individuals with higher degrees list them to wow the judges.

Oh, how I wish I were making this up dear readers. But not holding a PhD in narrative fiction, I obviously am not. Without outing those involved, I will just say that parents are banding together to rectify/head off an issue at Bambina’s school vis a vis the school committee. Which involves both group and individual letters as well as attending The Big Meeting to throw down. It’s all going swimmingly, everyone agrees on the letter text (miracle!), we are all united. Then one mom does a final edit adding in the various academic degrees of letter signers. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! So the Baby Daddy does his lowkey, “just wondering why that’s necessary?” email. The chorus of Degreed Individuals reply to claim that it adds “credibility.”. Riiiiiight. So you, with your PhD in French Literature, are somehow more credible to the school committee than, say, someone like my dad, who had a GED and three jobs?? Because someone who works at Dunkin Donuts can’t possibly be a credible witness for her child’s education? Someone who checks my groceries is less credible than YOU? A person who went to some extra college ten years ago? BITCH PLEASE.

Needless to say, the BBDD, PhD and I are furious, because now we have created a division, a hierarchy within our ranks. Now we are no longer A Group of Concerned Parents Banding Together. Now we have some extra special people who want recognition for understanding economics or psychology in the midst of a debate that has nothing to do with either.

Please understand. I value education. I have never in my life requested the least educated cancer specialist or the least educated teacher for my kids I deplore people who reflexively consider educated politicians to be “elitist.”. It’s good to be smart; it’s good to be educated; it’s good to be skilled. But it’s not good if that education turns you into a stuck up clueless snob.


3 Responses to "That’s Mrs. DR. Jones To You."

Amen Sister,
Nacho, J.D., C.A.S., B.A., H.S. Diploma.

Ew. I personally get embarrassed when I have to acknowledge my PhD anywhere outside the academy. The other Dr. Small does not understand why I don’t care if my mail from the JCC refers to me as Ms. Small.

Now I’m curious what the issue at school is…?

Oh Esther, I love that you posted this! We are going through the process of signing the little one up for school, and if there is one thing that admissions people keep on bringing up, it is my profession! Not only do they get excited when they find out that I am hairdresser, but they seem to be relieved not be dealing with another lawyer-no disrespects to lawyers!

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