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The Wind Beneath My Wings

Posted on: August 5, 2011

Baby Sister is a certified adrenaline junkie. How do I know, besides the fact that she is crazy? I asked her last week, after (I’m not making this up) she jumped off her bed, crashed into her wall, slid down it, ricocheted off the radiator, cried–and then tried to do it again, “Sweet Girl, why are you always doing such nut ball things?!”.

“Me want fly.”

She wants to fly. And when I explained, gently yet forcefully, that humans cannot fly out with an aircraft she gave me the most disgusted look, like “you are the saddest case of limited thinking I have ever met in my entire 34 months of life.”. Almost in defiance of my no fly zone, she started acting up. I then had to talk her out of sliding down the banister after seeing a rabbit in a Sandra Boynton book doing it. Then I offered the 411 that jumping off the 4th step is probably a bit risky. She very genuinely thinks now that I simply lack imagination..and balls.

All of which is to say that her future flashed before my eyes, and it contained too much funneling, reality-show bug eating, and tramp stamps that read “outlaw” for my comfort. I immediately began planning all the “positive” outlets for her adrenaline addiction, like extreme gymnastics or rock climbing and sky diving so as to save us all from a future as Ninja Warrior groupies. But I think, at this point, I’ll just be grateful if she doesn’t grow up to marry Jesse James or a geriatric David Lee Roth.


1 Response to "The Wind Beneath My Wings"

A few weeks back we were at the pool (luckily hadn’t seen your other post) and Liza jumped into the pool without her bubble when we weren’t looking. she went straight to the bottom and was thankfully rescued by a man nearby. After crying for a bit we tried to get her back on the horse (or into the pool) but she refused to put her bubble on until I promised her that since we had just taken off one of the three bubble components she could possibly still sink. That made her feel much better apparently because we were then allowed to put the bubble back on her.

younger sisters are cra-zy

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