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Posted on: November 3, 2011

Election day here in Jonesville is fast approaching, as is the frequency of the vote-for-me mailers and school dropoff grip-and-grins. We have a ton of people running for school committee and alderman this year; so much so that even political dork Mama cannot keep the candidates straight. The BabyDaddy and I have therefore agreed that we will vote for only those candidates whose names allow us to add a Fletch-inspired nickname. So, Mitch “The Fish” Fischman, you can count on our support! As can you, Josh “The Krintz” Krintzman! Whattup! Of course, this means that we will have no choice in 2012 but to write in Chris “The Chris” Christie for POTUS…

In other hyper-local events, our PTO deadline for making an annual fund donation just passed. The suggested amount was $100 per student, in lieu of having many fundraising events throughout the year. I’m really trying not to swear here, but ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS?! For real? Have they looked at the demographics of our school? If the Joneses cannot even begin to consider that amount I can only imagine how that request must come across to many of our other families from very modest means. Yes, it said “any amount” is great, but you lost me at the second zero. Why not stress participation instead? why focus on a number that, for families with multiple kids, could total $300 or $400? Even to a person voting only for Fletch characters, that just seems insane.


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