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Season’s Beatings and the Festival of Lighten Up

Posted on: December 20, 2011

My mailbox is ready and waiting for the hate email, so let’s dive right in. Every year around this time we are subjected to breathless and outraged articles about political correctness, the War On Christmas, and Keeping the Christ in Christmas against an onslaught by unbelievers. Please allow me to suggest a compromise. Now, this compromise will require everyone involved to put on his or her grown up underpants and get over themselves. Can we do it?

I propose that people not celebrating Christmas will simply say, “thank you, you too” when wished a Merry Christmas at the Gas n Sip. We will not get our panties in a wad about What It Signifies about Inclusivity in America. We will just accept it like we do every other time of year when we are wished “a nice day.” you don’t see us correcting the cashier, “actually, my gout is acting up so it won’t be a good day.” We just accept the commercial valedictory for what it is. Let us do the same in December so we can stop with the terrible Happy Holidays already. After all, the store ain’t decorated and open at midnight for Diwali or Kwanzaa, right? We are all here because of Christmas, so why not just say so.

For my Christmas-celebrating friends, I’m going to say this kindly but firmly: there are many locations across the globe where Christians are persecuted. Persecuted. As in, loss of possessions, education, basic human rights, life itself. Friends, the United States of America is not one of those places. So please ratchet down the Defcon threat level when you discuss how it stinks that you can’t put up a manger in City Hall or bring Christmas cookies to 4th grade. It demeans those who truly suffer for their beliefs…and it makes you sound like an entitled whiner, and Santa leaves lumps of coal for entitled whiners.

Which gets back to my point for all of us. We all need to just stop the fucking whining. Being offended is a choice you make. Harrumphing around about how this and this and that is disrespecting you and your way of life is behavior we don’t tolerate in children and yet we all work ourselves up into a froth every December for just that purpose. So, from the Jewish tradition, I repeat the phrase on every dreidel: A Great Miracle Happened There. Let’s see that miracle in one additional way–as the existence of this great country, where we are all free to worship–or not–as we please, in December and on every day that ends in Y. And for my Christmas-celebrating family and friends, whether of the Santa or Jesus perspective, I offer my favorite line from A Christmas Carol: God bless us, EVERYONE.


2 Responses to "Season’s Beatings and the Festival of Lighten Up"

Amen sister. And Merry Christmas.

I’ve sent my mother a link to this bit of brilliance. She may demand her Christmas presents back. But it’ll be worth it.

Happy Hanukkah, epz. And Merry Christmas. And everything before, in between and beyond.


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