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Father Knows Best

Posted on: February 11, 2012

That video, folks, has the intertubes all atwitter. It’s a father’s video response to his teenage daughter’s disrespectful rant on Facebook about her family. The comments range from “Right On!” to “I’m calling DSS.” I myself am torn. While I don’t see myself necessarily taking a .45 to my child’s laptop anytime soon, I completely see where this man is coming from, based on my memories of myself as a teenager.

I’m trying to transport this incident back to 1989 to find a parallel. Like, how would my father have reacted if I’d written this as an article in the school newspaper? Or yearbook? Or bulletin board? Although Kids These Days see Facebook as a means of conversation and interaction, they fail to recognize that hitting “Share” is really akin to hitting Publish. It’s not the same as my diary entry from January 23, 1989 in which I ask, “why does my dad have to be such a fucking asshole all the time?!????!!!!!!” This girl thinks it is, but it’s really, really not. What you put online remains forever–and becomes exponentially more disrespectful in its public nature.

I remember I had friends at my house one day in early high school when I made some rude, flippant remark about my dad to my dad. Much to my shock and humiliation, he sent my friends home, but not before raking me over the coals in front of them. I was OUTRAGED that he had treated me so poorly, had made me look like such an ass in front of others, had not had the respect for me to deal with my infraction privately! I was in full-on teenage righteous indignation for the injuries done TO ME. Then he just quietly said, “So it felt bad to be treated like shite in front of company?” Sullen silence…and a lightbulb. He reached me in the only way left to reach me, since my respect-for-others meter at that point had been turned off for quite some time. I was still mortified and pissed off…but I got it.

I’m not sure if my friends told their parents and together they had a What A Terrible Father powwow, but I remember that incident precisely because my father saw what a spoiled disrespectful bitch I was turning into, and he was stopping it by any means necessary. And it worked. Mostly. 😉 I can’t speak to the video dad’s situation with insight, but I can speak to my own: Sometimes being a good father requires that you bring a gun to a knife fight. Even if you look like an asshole in the process.


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