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Posted on: December 31, 2012

Long-time readers know how desperately important New Year is to Scottish people. Hogmanay (New Years Eve) specifically. The good people at Laphroiag USA have provided this quick summary so I don’t have to:

Hogmanay is the Scottish New Year’s festival that commemorates the solar divinity Hogmagog.
In former times, animal hide was wrapped around sticks and ignited, producing a smoke that was said to be very effective against evil sprites. This talismanic smoking stick was itself known as a Hogmanay. In all the traditions and customs surrounding Hogmanay, one theme predominates: the new year must begin on a happy note, with a clean break from all that may have been bad in the previous year. It is from this underlying hope that the most common of all Hogmanay traditions has its root, that of the new year resolution

My resolution for my kids simply involves me celebrating who they are, making a mighty effort to differentiate between loving correction and guidance and trying to make someone comport with who and what *I* think they should be. It’s a real fine line so easily crossed, and I resolve to bold it with my Sharpie when I see it.

This is my celebration for the BabyDaddy, a man among men. The loveliest and funniest of kind and good souls for whom I thank God every day that I get to be on this earth at the same time as him. What ludicrously serendipitous luck..and a terribly convoluted sentence structure. But you get my point. This is for him:


For Bambina, my beautiful bookworm and deep thinker:



For Baby Sister, in her own words, and perfectly upside down…the future cat/fairy/princess/rainbow who wants to hurt herself less but jump off a swing at max height.


And for my mom, the classic textbook Scottish wumman, who like all of us, misses my Dad most acutely on Hogmanay:


And, for me!


And, of course, for you:



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