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Rape Culture

Posted on: March 18, 2013

Something unpleasant just has to be said: we live in a rape culture. A culture that condones and encourages rape.

Yeah I said it.

Think I’m being dramatic? Consider the following:

In Steubenville, OH two boys were convicted of the rape and photographing of an unconscious drunk 16 year old girl. A girl they carried from party to party for the purpose of raping. The media coverage that followed the conviction focused almost exclusively on these “promising young men” who would now have to “live with” a sex offender label for the rest of their lives. Minimal mention of the victim and what she will be living with.

That is a rape culture.

CNN’s Candy Crowley and her colleagues went so far as to say how “difficult” it was to watch the “promising” boys be sentenced then break down crying. Without mentioning that they were convicted of rape because they committed rape, and if they hadn’t wanted to be convicted of rape they perhaps should not have committed rape. Also no mention of how convicted rapists still get to be considered anything other than pieces of shit.

Mourning the lost potential of two rapists who are still considered “promising.”

That is a rape culture.

The ongoing narrative that the girl’s drunken stupor makes her complicit in her own rape and humiliation.

That is a rape culture.

The defense’s monstrous argument that her inability to deny consent to sex was prima facie consent. She didn’t and couldn’t say no, so obviously these upstanding young men were entirely entitled to violate her.

That is a rape culture.

The most damning evidence? That we live in a society that would rather make women fit a camel through the eye of a needle (don’t go here at night, don’t wear that outfit, don’t travel alone, don’t be sexual, don’t drink alcohol, don’t leave the house with a vagina) rather than taking the one simple, irrefutably effective step to end rape at once and for all time:

Teach men not to rape.

Update: absolutely fabulous blog post on just this topic: rape prevention for men. Read it now.


1 Response to "Rape Culture"

Perhaps a modest proposal to alleviate some rape would be to legalize prostitution everywhere. What business does the government have to tell a woman what to to with her body, anyway?

Best of both worlds, the girls/women make money if they are so inclined, the boys/men get relief without having to resort to violence or acts against the will of another person.

I bet if the government got out of the business of regulating sex, and men and women could trade as they please without fear of reprisal, rape incidence would go way down.

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