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National Gut Check

Posted on: March 28, 2013

In case you haven’t heard, the Supreme Court is hearing two cases this week that impact the future of gay marriage (or, as I like to call it, “marriage”).

I view this as The Great American Gut Check. Are we the nation we say we are? Are gay Americans really Americans deserving of protection under the same 14th amendment that protects the rest of us? Do we trot out our Constitution and Bill of Rights only when it suits us? Or do the ideals enshrined in those documents live and breathe within us and through us?

In short:
JUSTICE SONIA SOTOMAYOR: Outside of the marriage context, can you think of any other rational basis, reason, for a state using sexual orientation as a factor in denying homosexuals benefits or imposing burdens on them? Is there any other rational decision making that the government could make, denying them a job, not granting them benefits of some sort? Any other decision?

CHARLES COOPER: Your Honor, I cannot. I do not have any—anything to offer you—


CHARLES COOPER: —in that regard. It’s marriage—

JUSTICE SONIA SOTOMAYOR: If that is true, then why aren’t they a class? If they’re a class that makes any other discrimination improper, irrational, then why aren’t we treating them as a class for this one benefit? Are you saying that the interest of marriage is so much more compelling than any other interests the state could have?

BLAM. Drop the mic. Gays for the win.

I used to believe that people of good faith could disagree on this issue. But now I don’t. Not in 2013 America. In your church, go on with your bad selves marrying only your “kind.” Your church’s beliefs ain’t my business. Just as my civil government’s policies ain’t your church’s business. Who The State chooses to marry impacts your religion and your marriage not one bit. If your institution is indeed so “sacred” and eternal and divinely-ordained, then surely it will survive a few fabulous gay weddings, no?

So, enough already. Enough “evolving” on the issue. Enough stalling. Enough anything that impedes our nation doing what is just and right. Get on the right side of history, morality and equality.

It’s time.


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