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It appears some poor funeral home director is struggling to find a cemetery that will accept and bury the body of terrorist bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Three Muslim locations have so far refused. While I feel for this director who, in all seriousness, has his job to do, I simply can’t get my brain or heart to locate a single shit to give about the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

His family wants him to be buried in Boston, as quickly as possible according to their faith. Well good for them. The family of Martin Richard wants him to be alive and 8 years old. The family of Jeff Bauman wants him to have fucking legs. Memo to Mama Tsarnaeva: When your son kills and maims innocent people, including children, I’m afraid that sometimes your dreams just don’t get to come true.

And the chutzpah! To accuse the US government of framing your children, to declare your regret at ever bringing them here, to suggest that the bleeding humans with no legs were actors, with the same mouth that you demand his immediate burial among the people affected by his evil actions? No. No. No. Just effing no.

So what to do? I suggest a military transport plane to Dagestan. Then his family can bury him however and wherever they like. Far, far away from the people he hurt. Burying Tsarnaev in Massachusetts is an outrage and an affront to the victims of that bombing, and I hope it never happens. I believe in respect for the dead…the innocent dead. And I believe in respect for the dead…when it does not disrespect the living. This family’s wishes are straight-up disrespect.


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