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Challenge Accepted

Posted on: October 14, 2013

jamieMagChallengeHello, Mr. Jamie Oliver. I recently noticed your “Jamie” magazine in a local indie bookstore. The subtitle of your little revista is “Making You A Better Cook.”

Oh, dear, sweet, lovely, misguided Jamie Oliver. There is no magazine in the history of our planet that can make me a better cook. I am–and I say this with absolutely no shame–the WORST COOK EVER to set foot in a kitchen. Why? Well, probably a natural god-given lack of talent. But also a very real lack of interest. I just do not give a shallot about cooking. I mean, I like the idea of sumptuous feasts served to jolly family and friends as together we enjoy the delightful repasts of celebration. I imagine every family holiday to be a culinary soft-focus combination of Norman Rockwell and Currier & Ives. I do. But somebody else needs to actually make that happen, because I surely cannot.

Case in point: The BabyDaddy (an amazing cook) subscribes to Cooks Illustrated. The latest issue cover mentioned a Chicken Stew, which sounds very Scottish and very Fall and very something I’d like to eat. I was all ready to try my hand at it, until I opened the magazine and—for the love of god!–this thing required actual cooking! Ain’t nobody got time for that. Upon recounting my horror at the actual level of work required to produce said stew, the BBDD asked me what I had been expecting the recipe to say. Well. I was thinking something along the lines of:

1. Purchase pre-cooked chicken
2. Open a jar of organic high-quality chicken stew sauce
3. Add any vegetables that happen to be in your fridge today
4. Heat and eat!

So you see from whence I come as regards cooking. So the notion that Mr. Jamie Oliver, by dint of his no-doubt excellent full-color periodical, will somehow make me a better cook is really rather hilarious.

Which means that IT IS ON, MISTER JAMIE OLIVER. I am going to attempt a recipe every week or so to see if I do indeed get “better.” My sense is that my first, or any, attempt at your not-very-delicious sounding grilled cucumber in almond cream is going to go about as south as we can all imagine. But regardless.

Challenge Accepted!

*Photos of various Food Atrocities to follow in subsequent posts


2 Responses to "Challenge Accepted"

I love cooking becuse J.O. made look so easy peasy on The Naked Chef ages ago. If it wasn’t for him I would not have attempted to cook and now love to cook. It’s about fresh ingredients and simple flavors. He is still my fave celebrity chef. Goof luck!

It’s like Julie and Julia! An easy read and enjoyable…perhaps your next challenge will be “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” I can’t wait for more posts.

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