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My Life Story in 200 Words

Posted on: June 27, 2014

Here is mine. Let us hear yours!

Two weeks late but early in the morning, all 9 pounds of me arrived. Sister poked my face and said, “mine!” Brother enclosed himself in playpen to avoid my stink and hiccups. Shades of things to come.

Halcyon childhood memories; I’m told less perfect in reality. I remember only soft-focus, rose-tinted good time happiness. Relentless, tireless, loving, working-4-jobs dad. Caring, committed, no-nonsense, working mother peacemaker. Always felt loved. Always felt wanted. Never doubted my world was a great and limitless place.

Voyaged to the New World. Fish out of water. Or swimming upstream. Up was down. Struggle. Inferiority complex. Drive to succeed. Not good enough not pretty enough not smart enough not thin enough. Not enough. Not enough. Never enough.

Worked two jobs plus school. Glorious success. Politics. Money. Power. OK, proximity to power. Real power in real love. Southern wedding. Northern charm. My life’s best day. Beginning of every good thing ever. Beloved husband. Amazing baby girl. Congming de haizi. Stared into bone marrow’s abyss. It stared back. Slayed all the demons. Claimed my power. Amazing baby sister. Ni zhen ke ai.

Life is beautiful. It goes on.


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