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You Do Not Have Ebola

Posted on: October 10, 2014

Settle down, everybody.

Believe me when I say that you do not now have nor will you soon contract Ebola. You can trust me because you will recall that I am the Canary in the Coalmine. Whatever community-acquired disease is out there, I get. So if I’m not afraid of getting Ebola, YOU don’t need to be afraid of getting Ebola.

You are not going to get Ebola. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to scare you for their own nefarious reasons. I find it richly ironic that the same individuals/”news” channels that were tut-tutting those poor backward Africans for allowing superstition and distrust to prevent them from seeking treatment are now the very ones peddling those same notions here in the U.S….after ONE case. One!

Obama is allowing Ebola into the US as payback for slavery. The CDC is hiding the fact that it can go airborne. The big pharma companies have a cure but only for white people. Do we hear ourselves? When in doubt, folks, your best bet is to trust in science. In evidence-based research. The stuff that tells you important, verifiable information such as: you are not going to get Ebola. Unless you are in the habit of directly handling the blood, vomit, sweat, semen or feces of an actively-infected person. Which sounds like hell on earth beyond just the risk of freakin Ebola. But if you don’t usually dabble in the bio hazardous bodily-fluids game, then feel free to go about your business safe in the knowledge that this is one global disease outbreak that’s gonna pass you by.



1 Response to "You Do Not Have Ebola"

Oh my goodness, this is so fantastic. Now if I could get my mom to stop watching Fox news and start reading your blog… Thank you!

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