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God Squad

Posted on: October 29, 2014

I recently responded to a call for submissions to support my local world-renowned cancer center. It asked people to write in about their experiences there and to talk briefly about what the place means to us. So I wrote 6 sentences, listing the four reasons I believe I am alive after my stem cell transplant. 1. My donor, 2. My doctor, 3. My nurses, 4. My family

This is about the LEAST controversial list of beliefs one can imagine creating. Right?


Because within 15 minutes of this organization posting my blurb (blurb being the operative word here. Not a thesis, not an oeuvre, not even an executive summary), I had comments lecturing me on the following:

You are alive because of God

You forgot to thank God in whom all things are possible


And God!

Why did you leave out God?!

Well, since you don’t know me and since I didn’t ask for your opinion, Allow me to respond:

1. Please note the Call For Submissions above. You sound like you have a story! Involving God. You can submit that story and glorify the name of your Almighty all you want. From YOUR page. With YOUR story.In which you can mention God until your pen runs out of ink. Have at it. With my blessing. Note again: the organization is actively seeking stories. In the time it took you to find fault with mine, you could have written and submitted your own. But something tells me that is less smugly self-satisfying, isn’t it?

2. While I’m sure God appreciates your stalwart support, I don’t know that he’d encourage you to lecture other people (especially those you do not know anything about), haranguing them about what they should be grateful for and in what order.

3. Once again: this is MY story. MY submission. MY experience in surviving a life-threatening situation. I will thank whomever the &%^# I choose. In what alternate reality do you feel that it is YOUR role to correct me? Everyone else here managed to write nice, supportive comments like, “Great news!” “Lovely family!” “Be well!” “What a great institution X cancer center is!”  You, the religious, the “Godly” can only offer criticism and negativity. Please show me the passage in your Bible that allows you to piss on another person’s parade in order to exalt God. Please show me the Word of God that commands you to look at a pic of a happy survivor family thanking the medical institution involved and decrees that you must CRITIQUE that gratitude.

4. Tell me about your almighty God who apparently is so weak, so feeble, so small that he must be inserted into even the tiniest, most-unrelated SIX SENTENCE article by rude, negative, presumptuous force. Your God who will not survive if some random lady you do not know and never will meet doesn’t mention him in a way you feel she should. Your poor, lame, ineffectual God who needs YOU to champion him when it is neither appropriate nor kind. Yes, please tell me about this God. Because I’ll bet he’s really proud to have you as his messenger.

5. To repeat; YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME. You don’t get to tell me how to feel about my transplant. You don’t get to tell me whom to thank. You don’t get to tell me what I’ve “forgotten” in my hierarchy of gratitude. You don’t get to do any of this because you have not earned the right. Simply putting GOD! in capital letters on my story does not, in fact, introduce God to my story. But it certainly introduces YOU, doesn’t it? And I simply invite you to take a moment to ask yourself this question:

If you love God so much why do you behave so rudely, meanly and presumptuously toward his other children?

If you love God so much, why are you taking it upon yourself to speak for him? If you love God so much, why is your first reaction to a photo of a living mom and her family to criticize and correct, rather than to have your heart simply open up and say what many other commenters said, “So happy for you.”

Yes indeed. If you love God so much, you will stop embarrassing him in the name of promoting and defending him. Something tells me that God will survive a snub from some lady on a cancer center web site, but in the long term, He won’t survive people like you being nasty in His name.


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