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Posted on: November 10, 2014


The Dems lost last week. And you know what? We deserved it. “Shitshow” doesn’t even begin to describe the election debacle that occurred. Or, more accurately, the BS loser-mentality shenanigans that preceded it.

What kind of loser coward runs away from these facts? FACTS.

Alison Grimes in Kentucky? That race was yours to lose. Mitch McConnell’s approval rating was 39% approve/50% disapprove. LOWER than President Obama’s numbers! You LOST to this weasel, and you know why. When asked if you voted for the President your answer should have been an honest Hell Yeah. Did McConnell vote for Romney? DERP! It’s a non-freaking issue. You’re a Dem, you voted for the Dem candidate for President. McConnell is an R, he voted for the R candidate. I know what your consultants were trying to do: to deny McConnell the soundbite to replay in commercials. But there were ways around that. You should have answered YES and then said why. But you showed a lack of courage that tainted the rest of your campaign. YOU DESERVED TO LOSE because of your cowardice.

And so it went across the country. When Dems vote Dems win. When Dems stand for something Dems win. When Dems show the courage of their convictions, Dems win. And, in my opinion, so do the millions of people counting on them to improve our country, to keep wages increasing, to protect our environment, to ensure equal opportunity, to create jobs. All of those candy-assed Dem candidates who ran from President Obama? You failed yourself. You failed your campaign. But more than anything, you failed all of the hard-working Americans who were counting on you to win so you could make a difference in their lives.

Cowards deserve to lose. But all is not lost. The GOP ran on not being Obama. Mazel tov to them. Now, can they govern? Do they even want to? The National Review just ran this article:

It advises the Republicans to not govern. Yep. Do not govern. Because if you do solve some problems and improve the lives of the American people (ie, do your fucking JOBS) by working with a Democratic president, then what’s to say the electorate won’t think a Dem president/GOP Congress is a good idea in 2016? And we can’t have that. So, in order to be seen as the party that will fix the government, you must first BREAK the government and keep it broken just long enough to deny any “credit” to the other party. That is some real patriotism there, friends. Also note the concern that the Tea Party will fracture/sabotage any mainstream efforts to work with the President, so don’t put forward any bills that might stir up that hornet’s nest. In essence, don’t do your damn jobs because it will expose the giant rift in your party. Fabulous.

So. the challenge remains. In the next two years, the Democratic Party must find its balls. And the Republican party must show they can govern when given all the power. For the party that mocks anyone who “blames Bush” they have spent much time and energy blaming Obama. Well, BHO isn’t on the ballot anymore, and never will be again. So let’s see what you got, Republicans. Because if you can’t get it done in the majority, then maybe you just can’t get it done at all.


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