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Winter of Our Discontent

Posted on: February 12, 2015

Boston calling here, dear readers. You know Boston. Cradle of Liberty. Where The American Experiment All Began. Fabulous Sporting Title Town. Site of Cheers, that show your parents liked back when you were 6. Birthplace of such various and astute personages as Leonard Nimoy, Edgar Allan Poe, Benjamin Franklin and Donnie Wahlberg. Well, we are also unfortunately the Snowiest Effing Town On The Planet. We’ve already had about 6 feet of snow and hey! another foot is on the way!  The only thing getting us through this unbearable state of affairs at the moment is the knowledge that spring will come (right? It will come, right?) and funny memes.  Please enjoy while your house leaks unrelentingly from all the ice dams on your gutters.  36 DAYS UNTIL SPRING!

sorry folks IMG_0981 IMG_0982IMG_0983 IMG_0984


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