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Duggars in Glass Houses

Posted on: May 22, 2015

So Josh Duggar is an incestuous pedophile. But he says Jesus has forgiven him, as have his victims. He and his parents now feel that we too should overlook these youthful “bad choices” and move along. Old-timey religious moron Mike Huckabee agrees; feels that people making a big deal out of this are demonstrating “insensitive bloodthirst.”

But let’s review.

This is the mother who said that nondiscrimination policies allowing trans men and women to use the appropriate gender bathroom would expose innocent children to perverts.  She made this statement while knowing that she had a “pervert” IN HER OWN BATHROOM.

Josh Duggar is the man who has repeatedly said that gay people represent a threat to society, to children in particular.

His father, JimBob Duggar, is the man who apparently waited a full year to go to the authorities after finding out that his son was “forcibly fondling” his daughters. And the “authorities” he went to was a state trooper friend who is himself now serving time for child pornography.

Josh Duggar has served no time for these crimes, has suffered no appropriate consequences for these deviant crimes, and yet felt absolutely entitled to make a living at the Family Research Council, the international headquarters for doling out verbal, social and legislative punishment to those it deems deviant.

This is a family who has referred to Josh’s commission of these acts as “bad choices” and grave mistakes as a young teen, and any other euphemism they can find to avoid saying it: He molested his sisters. He is a child molester. A pedophile. And there is no way around the fact that the act of forcibly groping the genitals of your sisters is not a “bad choice” like smoking pot before a test or driving without a seatbelt. It’s a compulsion. A criminal compulsion that requires intervention, penalization and correction.

None of which occurred in the case of Josh Duggar.

But beyond the issue of Josh Duggar himself, this episode illustrates the deep and pathological disregard for females within this particular Christian structure. Beyond being raised as baby-making machines, these girls have been treated monstrously by their parents. Their reward for telling their parents about this molestation by their brother is shocking, appalling and–I must say–evil. If your son admits to “forcibly fondling” his FOUR sisters, you have a massive problem that 3 months with a friend and a “stern talking to” won’t solve. The message to these girls that they don’t count, don’t matter and don’t rate is loud and clear to anyone with ears to hear. It is absolutely a matter for child protective services, and I hope they step in to assess Josh Duggar’s own children.

So, would Mike Huckabee wave his holier-than-thou finger at me for finding a small amount of satisfaction in the outing of Josh Dugger? Hell yes. Do I care? Hell no. Why? Because it is always a net positive for our society when a bigoted hypocritical excuse for a human who hides behind the flag and the Cross gets served. When those who live by the judgmental sword, die by the judgmental sword.


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THANK YOU for this – I am so outraged, not least because one of my children is fascinated by television’s portrayal of this family.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mari Brennan Barrera 508-989-8293

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