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Planned Stupidhood

Posted on: September 30, 2015

Yesterday’s Congressional hearings into Planned Parenthood were as ghastly as you’d expect from today’s Republican Party.

This party clearly wants women to avoid it in droves. There simply cannot be any other explanation for the misogyny, disrespect and straight-up ignorance displayed by the committee toward Cecile Richards, the CEO of Planned Parenthood, and to PP itself.

Some facts:

FACT: No federal dollars pay for abortions.


It’s already a law. It’s called the Hyde Amendment. It has been in force FOR YEARS. Your tax dollars do not fund abortions at Planned Parenthood. They never have. THIS IS FACT. PROVABLE, DOCUMENTED FACT.

FACT: Last year 865,000 women received breast exams and pap tests from Planned Parenthood. 87,000 of those tests discovered early stage cancer and saved people’s lives by allowing them to get early treatment. 87,000 people. Think about that. Right now, 87,000 people are alive and being treated for cancer who might otherwise have died had they not had these screenings at an affordable location like PP.

FACT: Planned Parenthood does not only benefit women: They provided services like cancer screenings and HIV/AIDS tests for 300,000 men last year.

FACT: The videos purporting to show PP “selling baby parts” have been proven by independent observers to have been doctored and to be not credible. Several states have conducted their own investigations and ZERO have found any evidence of wrongdoing. ZERO.

FACT: These hearings are run by men who do not understand women’s health care.It is clear that the men asking questions think that “breast exams” and “mammograms” are the same thing. Ms. Richards tried to explain that PP does not offer mammograms. They conduct breast exams, and if a lump is found, the woman is referred to a specialist who performs mammograms. Blank stare. Cluelessness. They don’t understand the difference.

FACT: These hearings are a witch hunt. View this video of the CHAIR of the committee talking over, interrupting and otherwise disrespecting Ms. Richards. Then declaring his chart to be from PP’s corporate reports. Then acting surprised and sheepish when informed that the “data” contained in it is actually from an anti-choice organization. You read that right. The Chair of the investigating committee doesn’t even have a clue about his sources. And you know why. Because he doesn’t care. He just wants pretty charts that fit his narrative.

FACT: Planned Parenthood meets an urgent need in the communities it serves. The community health centers and rural clinics in areas served by Planned Parenthood could NOT absorb the enormous numbers of PP patients were it to go under. In Wisconsin, PP sees 65,000 patients in its 22 health centers. There is absolutely NOT a system of clinics that could absorb those patients. Also note that the WI Congressman says PP is not necessary because “as a guy” he can go anywhere. Women of America: this is your GOP.  Reproductive health services are not necessary because I as a guy do not need them!

FACT: The Republican Party is willing to shut down the federal government in order to defund Planned Parenthood on the basis of dishonest, debunked videos. The committee did not call the video maker to testify precisely because he would be unable to honestly take the oath. Think about that. The entire basis for defunding our nation’s primary source for health care for almost one million of our citizens is manufactured outrage produced by videos that have been proven false. That are so false that the videographer cannot appear before the committee under oath without perjuring himself.

This is your Republican Party. The party of fiscal responsibility and individual liberty. Destroying our nation’s finances in order to control the bodies of female individuals. The train is officially off the tracks.


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