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Posted on: February 29, 2016


Enough enough enough.

Donald Trump is a candidate for President of the United States.  He very shortly will secure the nomination of one of our country’s major political parties for that office.  (The party elites’ shock-horror that all that dogwhistlin’ [acceptable when aimed at Barack Obama] brought out the actual dogs in their party is a whole other blog post).

He recently found himself unable to immediately and unequivocally disavow support from David Duke and the KKK.  Needed to research the group and the man. Has nooo ideeeaaa what you mean by white supremacists supporting him.

Words, quite simply, fail.

The KKK requires no research.  They hate and seek to harm Jews, Blacks, and all the Browns our beautiful planet can hold. They are perhaps the most famous racist violent group in the world, short of perhaps the Nazi Party.  But Donald Drumpf has no idea what you are talking about. Feels no pull of–at long last–basic decency to simply say (as any decent moral human being of any political stripe would do), “I’m not familiar with the specifics but of course I reject/disavow/give the finger to the KKK and any group or individuals similar to it.”  The end. Campaign continues.

But wait! He had a “lousy earpiece,” excuse excuse excuse. I have two kids. I know grade A bullshit when I hear it.  I know blame deflection when I hear it. And you know that you do too.  We all do. We all know what we heard and saw.  But like every fascist dictator in training, he is daring you to disbelieve your lying eyes and ears. He is exhorting you to turn off your bullshit meter because he is a strongman who can keep you safe. His commitment to lying is so grandiose and so shameless that it is truly breathtaking to witness it in action, not to mention the people so desperate for some kind of authoritarian order that they line right up to enable and excuse it.

We can’t excuse this. We can’t excuse him. If it took him winking at the KKK to wake you, then shame on you but welcome back to reality regardless. We are happy to have you back in the fold. Now stand up. Stand up and shout this demagogue down. Stand up to his hateful rhetoric. Stand up to his followers who think beating the crap out of protesters is justified. (Imagine this behavior at an Obama rally [black panthers beating on the white wimmenz!] and then tell me again how white guys aren’t allowed to do crazy shit no one else could ever dream of). However it is you got to this moment, seize it. For our country, our democracy, our kids and our entire world. Donald Trump is not a joke or a laughing matter.  He is dangerous.  He is demonstrating every day precisely how Hitler and Mussolini came to power. Believe your lying eyes.  Because you may not be on his list today—but the day ain’t over yet.





If you do nothing else today, watch this John Oliver takedown of Trump.  It’s funny, but more importantly it’s a wake up call.

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